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About Us
Company History

Collegiate Bead Company is the end result of a great idea developed through dedication, hard work and a passion for excellence. Our favorite comment in the beginning was “today’s college jewelry was designed by a 50 year old man, 30 years ago”. Without relevant styles collegiate jewelry meant nothing more than “game day” trinkets. That is no longer the case. With 35 years of manufacturing jewelry experience combined with the latest computer design software and laser marking technologies we are able to create high quality collegiate fashion. Whether you choose designs that are dress or casual you still get the same dedication to style and detail. Our commitment to growing our product offerings assures our customers will always have choices that are unique and relevant to today’s lifestyles.

Our Mission

Like many of our customers we made the commitment to never stop learning. We are dedicated to the collegiate community and will continue to develop product at the suggestion of our students, alumni and fans. This deep rooted commitment to excellence will always set the standard for Collegiate Jewelry.


Our component based on-demand business model allows for rapid product introductions and quick order fulfillment. The majority of our products are made in our manufacturing facilities in Michigan with the most current available technologies.


We have an entire department dedicated to product image development. With a product library of over 100,000 items (and growing) you can only imagine the time and effort invested in imaging. E-Commerce is the engine that drives our business so we treat imaging with due respect. We offer our distributors a large variety of image sizes and formats.


We offer complete data packages to our distributors in a variety of formats. We offer product data feeds for every category shown on our website. Call and talk to one of our data specialists for more information.

Drop Shipping

We offer a variety of drop ship options depending on your needs. Most of our products are available for next day shipping and we offer a variety of carrier options as well. Completely customizable so we can remain anonymous.


Every Collegiate Bead Company product is officially licensed with the respective College, University or Sorority. We hold licenses with the Collegiate Licensing Company, Licensing Resource Group, Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Greek and a number of independent schools. In addition to licensing with the institutions we also have relationships with some of the largest manufacturers and distributors of jewelry in the U.S.A. Our most important relationship however is with the 40 million students, fans and alumni of the schools and sororities we represent.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At CBCo we believe in our products so much that if your customer is not happy with the quality of workmanship on any of our items we will refund their money.


Returns are accepted within 90 days of purchase and must be in original packaging that includes the hologram and indicia statement. Product returns will not be accepted if the item does not contain original hologram.

Product Licensing

We are always looking for new products and ideas. If you are a manufacturer that has a great product but you are not interested in the ever growing maze of licensing, we can help! Feel free to contact us and discuss any ideas you might be interested in licensing for distribution in our network.

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